Glowing Oasis

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Manual :

- Wet the skin
Remember: The ultrasonic spatula only works if the skin is wet.

- Slide the spatula along your skin
Using light pressure, slide the spatula along your skin in an upward and/or outward motion. For example, if you're rubbing your forehead, start between your eyebrows and work upward. Although the actual direction of the device may vary, we recommend an upward and outward motion, to prevent debris from accumulating in the creases around the nostrils, in the eyebrows, etc.

- Go slowly if you are trying to extract
If you pass the device along your forehead and cheeks, the texture of your skin will be considerably evened out if you have blackheads. The slower you go, the deeper and more effective the effects of the spatula will be.

- Continue with your daily skincare routine
After the exfoliation, do not hesitate to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin as you usually do. If you are not used to toning, know that a scrub session followed by the application of a toner can close the pores and keep them fresh for longer.

- Clean your device when you're done
Once cleaning with the spatula is complete, it is imperative to disinfect your device.

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Are you struggling with stubborn skin blemishes and blackheads?

The Glowing Oasis Skin Smoother is here to change the way you take care of your skin. This premium ultrasonic scrubber effortlessly removes impurities, reduces the appearance of pores and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated without the need for expensive spa treatments.

Discover the secret to a gentle face lift at home!

Using innovative ultrasonic technology, the Glowing Oasis Skin Smoother gently exfoliates your face, stimulates collagen production and lifts your skin, helping you achieve a youthful, fresh appearance from the comfort of your bathroom.

Tired of complicated skincare routines?

Our device simplifies your daily regimen by combining blackhead removal and face lifting in one easy-to-use tool. Get spa-like results in just a few minutes a day, allowing you to maintain a flawless glow even with a busy lifestyle.


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